They grow up so fast! Talented father captures his preemie son doing 'manly things' in hilarious Photoshop images that show the tiny infant mowing the lawn, lifting weights, and even SHAVING

It isn't every day you get to see a tiny baby mowing the lawn, lifting weights or walking to work with a briefcase in hand, however, a talented father-of-two used Photoshop to make just that happen. 

The photos see the baby, who weighs just three pounds, completing normal, day-to-day grown-up tasks such as using a leaf-blower, working out in the gym and carving a turkey.  

Skilled Photoshop-user Matt MacMillan shared the images to Bored Panda, where he wrote about the inspiration for the photo shoot.

All grown up! A father-of-two has revealed a series of hilarious photographs that see his premature son Ryan (pictured) carrying out various 'adult' tasks 

Off to work! Matt MacMillan created the photos by taking snaps of Ryan and using Photoshop to edit him into different situations, like going to work (left) and mowing the lawn (right) 

Father-of-two Matt MacMillan said: 'Our son Ryan was born nine weeks premature weighing just under 3 lbs. He spent six weeks in the NICU and it seemed to last forever.'

When his daughter was born over two years ago, he had Photoshopped her playing different sports, and was planning on doing something similar with newborn Ryan.

However, he decided to take the photo shoot in a different direction. 

'We joked that he wasn’t premature just “advanced” – so I came up with the idea that we should do a photo shoot of him doing manly adult things.'

Explaining his work behind the photos, Matt added that it took between 15 and 20 minutes to take each photo.

He added: 'Most of the work is in the setup and editing. First, I had to make props and find outfits for most of the pictures. The next step was setting up the scene, framing the shot, arranging props, and setting up the lighting where appropriate. 

'Some of the setups were elaborate – like for the bench press photo. For this one, I made a rig that hung from the ceiling. 

'It mounted the camera and also held the barbell above Ryan so all he had to do was grip it rather than hold it up,' he added. 

Matt's wife helped him with the photos by holding Ryan's legs, arms and hands, depending on the photo, in place. 

Matt explained the process of using Photoshop to edit the photos and make them look so bizarre. 

Strong! The New Jersey-native said each photo took roughly 15 to 20 minutes to take each photo after setting up the scene and then editing the photographs using Photoshop 

Sweat it out! Some photos saw baby Ryan completing different activities including lifting weights in the gym (pictured) and performing a bench press with a weight 

Gone fishing: Matt said that he created the funny images by taking photos of Ryan in different positions, and then finding objects that he could Photoshop into the image 

He said that after taking dozens of photos of Ryan in different positions, he would find objects that he could Photoshop into the photos to make it look like Ryan's photo was taken in a different scenario.

'After I got the pictures of Ryan, I would take some shots of anything that he couldn’t actually hold, like the ax swinging or the fish on the fishing line. After each shoot, I would comb through these hundreds of photos and choose the best ones. 

'I then used Photoshop to remove myself from the pictures and combine the best parts of his body into a unified composite photo,' he said.   

The photographs have been so well edited that people have accused the father of putting his baby in danger, thinking that the baby was actually made to shave, for example, in real life.

However, Matt quickly responded to any claims that say his child was endangered, saying that he used Photoshop to edit his photos. 

'I always explained how the “danger” all came from Photoshop and he was always being held and was never in any harm. 

'I’m curious to see what Ryan thinks of them 18 years from now when he’s actually grown up,' he said.

Matt added three pieces of advice he would give to other parents with premature babies. 

'Be patient, be positive, and seek support,' he said.

Busy bee! In his post, Matt said he hopes that Ryan, who was born nine weeks premature, will look back at the photos and think of them when he is 18-years-old .

Hard at work: Matt has been praised for his impeccable Photoshop skills by people commenting on his post, as he edits Ryan into hilarious day-to-day situations 

Harmless fun! After receiving a couple of comments from people wondering if the child was in danger for the photos, Matt responded, saying that he used Photoshop to create the scenes

Tucking in! Ryan, pictured getting ready to cut into a turkey, is now six months old, and has come on leaps and bounds, as his father says he is 'on the growth chart' 

The post received dozens of comments, most of whom were from people admiring the adorable baby. 

One user commented on the post, saying: 'Ryan is adorable and I'm pleased that he's doing well. Also, those pictures are adorable and hilarious. I really love the poker picture and the one of him mowing the lawn - or at least trying to.'

Another added: 'Awesome photos. My daughter was premature also at only 4lbs. Scary times for sure but she's now 8 and I couldn't be more proud. 

'Congrats to you and your family,' they added. 

'Matt congrats on Ryan coming so far! What a great looking little guy and you two are evidently doing an amazing job parenting,' added another user. 

'Our son was 2.5 mo.s premature, now he's 18 and heading to college. Ryan will be before you know it, lol... Thanks for the fun pix!!'


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