Every person is beautiful in their own way. To prove this point, Natalia Ivanova, a Russian photographer living in Paris, launched the project The ethnic origins of beauty. She believes that beauty is a universal language that can be understood by any nationality. That is why she’s been collecting the images of women from every ethnic group in the world, in order to improve our feelings of equality and tolerance toward each other.

25. Belarus

24. Réunion

23. Lezgian, Azerbaijan

22. Finland

21. Georgia

20. Kalmyk, Russia

19. Jew, Russia

18. Tamil, Sri Lanka

17. Breton, France

16. Ewe, Togo, Africa

15. Romania

14. Shluh, Morocco

13. Crimean Tatar, Russia

12. Kabyle, Algeria

11. Kikuyu, Kenya

10. Rwanda, Africa

9. Armenia

8. Tuvinian, Russia

7. Cape Verde

6. Poland

5. Tunisia

4. Occitan, France

3. Senufo, Cote d’Ivoire

2. Moldova

1. Vepsian, Russia


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