These restaurants are serving up endless amounts of avocado—and we’re loving it.

Avocado Grill–West Palm Beach, Florida

Avocado Grill–West Palm Beach, Florida Courtesy Lila Photo

Located on the sun-kissed streets of downtown West Palm Beach, Avocado Grill is a small restaurant that leaves quite the lasting impression. Their menu consists of farm-to-table foods like avocado vinaigrette, ginger guacamole, grilled avocado wedges, tuna avocado spring rolls, and more. For brunch, you can enjoy avocado and crab toast. And dessert? How about Nutella avocado mousse? You better bet there’s an avocado margarita to sip on too! (Plus, they’re vegan-friendly!) “We take pride in our artisanal menu featuring locally sourced, hand-picked ingredients,” according to their website. “As part of Avocado Grill’s mission and vision, serving farm-to-table fare benefits not only our valued patrons and guests, but also our local and global environments.”

Avocaderia–Brooklyn, New York

Avocaderia–Brooklyn, New York Courtesy avocaderia

Behold: The world’s first avocado bar. According to Avocaderia’s website, “Our menu includes an abundance of raw ingredients, as well as non-invasive cooking techniques such as sous vide, bringing unique authenticity to an already wholesome meal. You will find influences from many different cuisines in Avocaderia’s dishes; including the use of Pico de Gallo from Mexico, Shichimi from Japan, and Duqqa from Egypt.” Their website also lists all of the great benefits of avocados and why they strive to include them in their foods, like their avocado “burgers,” smoothies, salads, and toasts.

The Avocado Show–Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Avocado Show–Amsterdam, The Netherlands Courtesy Today's Brew

Bloody Mary? You mean a Guaca Mary, right? The Avocado Show in Amsterdam certainly knows how to put a twist on everyday foods. Avocado halves filled with hummus, avocado rose bowls, avocado sorbet—oh my! With so much avocado, you might even find yourself focusing better and, well, ordering more! According to their website, “Every single avocado that we use at our restaurant is grown sustainably, and they’re all picked, packed, and transported socially responsibly from different markets and countries around the world, like Chile, Peru, South Africa, and other certified farmers.”

Avobar–London, United Kingdom

Avobar–London, United Kingdom Courtesy Design LSM

Holy guacamole! (Sorry, we had to.) By the end of 2017, Avobar will be opening in London’s Covent Garden. Avobar has already been hinting at some of its menu items on its Facebook and Instagram pages–like avocado pancakes! According to Covent Garden’s website, “The boutique restaurant will serve nutritious bowls and salads, as well as eclectic dishes such as avocado carpaccio, avo hot cakes, green shakshuka, and an eclectic breakfast menu. Designed around a relaxed Californian vibe, avocado lovers can expect living plant walls, natural materials and high quality fresh ingredients.”

Madosh! Cafe–Tokyo, Japan

Madosh! Cafe–Tokyo, Japan Courtesy Lily Crossley Baxter

This adorable cafe’s menu consists of avocado-based foods like avopuccinos, avocado spring rolls, fried avocado with melted mozzarella, and a teriyaki spam avocado power rice bowl. “Madosh! is a quirky, laid-back kind of restaurant with sofas, murals, and seats with astro-turf as carpet,” says Lily Crossley-Baxter, writer for Tokyo Cheapo. “It’s always full of young Tokyoites testing out the flavors of the avopuccinos with syrups and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.”


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