Despite the eternal “Who’s better?” battle, some brave owners decided to bring cats and dogs together. Love and hate, friendship and jealousy — these vivacious dogs and their grumpy companions are here to show you the whole spectrum of emotions in their relationships.

1. Why so rude?!

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2. Oops... Hello, darling, I thought you were coming home tomorrow.

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3. Yuck... Wet kisses. Again!

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4. I’ll just pretend I’m a toy... Good boy, Goldy.

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5. Maybe we should let him sleep on his bed? Don’t be silly, Joe.

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6. Someone, please teach him good manners before I forget mine.

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7. This man is MINE!

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8. You shall not pass, little devil.

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9. It’s OK, buddy. Everything will be fine.

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10. What? We’re just playing.

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11. Help! He’s gonna kill me!

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12. Isn’t my bed just gorgeous?

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13. Daytime naps with your loved ones are the best.

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14. Come on! You promised we’d play after lunch.

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15. one would dare to offend me.

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16. Who told you the gym was a good idea?

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17. Yeah, I missed you too... Stop it.

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18. Mom! Call an exorcist!

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19. Hey, I love you so much... Will you get me that tuna from the table?

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20. Hey, lady! Keep calm, I’m just passing by!

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Bonus: Shh... it’s OK, you can let it all out. Poor baby.

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Have you ever witnessed how emotional cats and dogs can be around each other? Maybe you’ve got a hilarious furry couple at home? Share your stories in the comments!


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