Want to work up a sweat but only have a small space? Put on your best workout gear [link to style article], lace up those sneakers and take a look at these innovative fitness gadgets that will have you incinerating calories and building muscle in no time.

1. Tonal Intelligent Fitness System

Get a full-body workout without leaving your house with the Tonal Intelligent Fitness System. Mounted on your wall, this space-saving interface and weight-training apparatus uses interactive video exercises and machine learning to provide the benefits of a personal trainer and a home gym in one compact package. The price tag may also get your blood pumping, but think about all the money you’ll save on gym fees…

2. Activ5 Fitness Package Portable Fitness Device

For the space-starved fitness fan, isometrics are your best friend. Make the most of an isometric workout plan with this innovative handheld device that helps you get in a full-body workout, no matter where you are. By measuring the pressure and force you apply to the device and sending this information to the smartphone app, Activ5 can calibrate each workout to your personal level, as well as analyse the results. The app offers more than 100 workouts – many only 5 minutes long – as well as games that let you get fit while you play.

3. xChain Total Body Fitness Device

xChain Total Body Fitness Device

One fitness device to rule them all. This strange-looking system comes with 5 links and subsections that offer limitless workout options. By moving in 90-degree increments in all directions, the links allow you to move any way you like while adding resistance for better muscle-building capacity.

4. Habit Multifunctional Wood Fitness Furniture

Habit Multifunctional Wood Fitness Furniture

Workout addicts with an eye for design: this one’s for you. At first glance it’s a tasteful modern coffee table or dining room seating, but flip it over and voilà, it’s a padded bench designed for weight-lifting, stretching and horizontal exercises. It even comes with two wooden side tables that double as dumbells.

5. Yoga Flexer Portable Training Device

Why should your yoga mat just lay there when it could do so much more? Combining 5 pieces of equipment in a single device, the Yoga Flexer offers a mat, fitness bar, resistance bands, stretching roller and handle weights – everything you need for weight training, resistance training and stretching – all in one simple system that can roll up and hide under the bed or in a closet when not in use.

6. Smart Rope

Jumping rope is a great way to get your heart rate up, as well as build muscle and increase bone mass; now you can take your jump rope sessions up a notch with the Smart Rope. Embedded with LEDs, the jump rope displays real-time data such as jump count and calories burned right before your eyes, and it connects with your smartphone to store your workout stats for later.

7. XBAR Fitness

Curl bar + push-up bar + innovation = XBAR. Designed by extreme snowboarder and professional athlete Damian Sanders, this genius all-in-one workout tool lets you perform more than 100 different exercises in your own home – or wherever you might be.

8. Escape Fitness Deck 2.0 Portable Workout Platform

Escape Fitness Deck 2.0 Portable Workout Platform

The key to effective fitness is to never stop challenging yourself. Here to help in that endeavour is the Escape Fitness Deck 2.0 Portable Workout Platform, a versatile fitness tool offering 16 configurations for strength and cardio training, making it a great addition to any home gym or studio.

9. Stow Fitness Exercise Equipment Furniture

Stow Fitness Exercise Equipment Furniture

Most of us think of armchairs and spin bikes as completely different pieces of furniture, but Stow may just change that. Designed with space-poor urban dwellers in mind, Stow Fitness Furniture marries form with function, storing built-in workout equipment – a weight bench or spin bike – beneath comfortable armchairs. Now, your home gym is your living room, and vice versa.

10. ElectroFit Wearable Smart Fitness Device

For all you dedicated couch potatoes out there: what if we told you it’s possible to work out, without actually working out? This wearable device works by attaching to your body and emitting electrical pulses to stimulate the muscles, helping to tone muscles, increase strength, speed up recovery and reduce pain. The accompanying app allows users to customise the experience and adjust the device to their particular needs.

Source: Amexessentials


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